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Core Benefits of Ballet

Starting as young as 2 years old, kids can enjoy the magic of ballet. The mirrors, music and bars are new and exciting items for them. Familiar items such as teddy bears, polly dots and stickers are great ways to reward our youngest students for capturing the basic essence of ballet in its purest form.

Ballet teaches discipline.

There’s a time for everything in your standard ballet class. There are times when giggling and being playful is accepted and times when your absolute focus and attention is required. Ballet requires you to pay attention to not only your teacher, but the students around you.

Students learn balance & coordination.

In ballet, your instrument is your body. You must learn to bend, straighten, balance, jump and leap in ways you wouldn’t even imagine.

The gain of self-confidence.

Many teachers would tell you that the absolute best part of their job is the look on a child’s face when they FINALLY master a skill they’ve been working so hard to achieve. Ballet students find pride within their bodies and what they can accomplish.

Muscle development.

Any student who attends regular ballet classes for an extended time period will develop long and strong muscles from this art form.

Ballet is literally the basis of every dance form.

Its true. A dancer can earn all of the aforementioned benefits in almost any other dance form. But ballet…ballet is where the dream begins.

Register your dancer for a ballet class at Royal Pointe today! Call 386-227-7391 to schedule a $5 trial class.

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