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Daytona Beach Dance Studio Turns 10

Royal Pointe Dance Academy is turning 10 on June 10th, 2024! Daytona Beach dance studios are certainly important to the youth programming of the City. We've run the numbers and here's what's changed in 10 years at Royal Pointe:

  • 70 minute intense acrobatics class - Our 70 minute acrobatics class is a huge hit! Cheerleaders, gymnasts and playground flippers alike have all signed up and are currently enjoying our acro class! This course takes our athletes through a customized 3 step acro class that focuses on key drills programmed to enhance tricks.

  • Preschool dance program - We have 3 preschool dance classes in our Daytona Beach preshool dance program. Each class is uniquely organized to concentrate on improving student rhythym, balance and flexibility. Students ages 2-5 are introduced to basic stretches, simple core workouts and ballet terminology in a fun and creative environment.

  • New, central location - Royal Pointe began in several community centers around Daytona Beach. 10 years later and we've grown into a new space centrally located on International Speedway Blvd. Our location has 2 dance spaces, a lobby and a bathroom. As we continue to grow we hope to one day utilize both spaces, simultaneously, every week day for group youth and adult lessons.

  • Impressive staff - Our Daytona Beach dance studio staff has tremendously grown over the past decade. Our staff is filled with experienced teachers from several states. Although our training is different and varies in style we all have one very important thing in common - our love for teaching dance.

Our Daytona Beach dance studio is our very first location. Royal Pointe Dance Academy has called Daytona Beach home for 10 years and we hope to be here for 10 more!

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